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Who can do a triathlon?

Everyone can do a triathlon! If you want to strengthen your physical state, do a workout, and feel a breathtaking sense of competitions, triathlon is what you need. 

Triathlon is a modern and breathtaking type of sports, which tests endurance and resilience, suitable for all ages and abilities. The main purpose is a completion of 3 disciplines: swimming, cycling and running. Time is calculated since the start of swimming including all transitions and running. Transitions are the phases when athletes pass from swimming to biking, and from biking to running. Teamwork is allowed and even recommended for newcomers.





Minimum age requirements

Super sprint

250-500 m

6,5-13 km

1,7-3,5 km



Up to 750 m

Up to 20 km

Up to 5 km



1500 m

40 km

10 km



1900-3000 m

80-90 km

20-21 km



1000-4000 m

100-200 km

10-42,2 km


Attention: All ages are determined by the 31st December of the current year.

The age limit applies to individual start and teamwork. A special programme “Temir Bala” with a variety of exciting competitions has been developed for kids under 15 years.

Why a triathlon?

Triathlon is a wonderful kind of sports suitable and open for everyone: you even do not have to be in a perfect physical state. The varied nature of triathlon allows you to try different activities every time. It attracts people from all scope of activities and fits different styles of life. Triathlon is an opportunity to challenge yourself and feel the satisfaction of reaching your goals.

Physical and mental advantages of triathlon are highly important for health. Rotation of swimming, biking, and running contributes to the balanced development of body rather than each of them separately.  

Endurance has a significant impact on strengthening the circulatory system and normalization blood pressure, weight and mental state.  Furthermore, triathlon is a contactless style of sports which combines 3 different disciplines; therefore, it means equal distribution of physical effort and a reduced risk of getting hurt.

However, the wrong system of training and undue hardship can adversely affect human health. Prior to start doing a triathlon, it is important to undergo a medical examination.


Which outfit do I need?

While preparing for your first need, you will need a basic outfit consisting of:

Swimming: swimwear, goggles, swimming hat, and wetsuit (necessary to wear in the open air);

Biking: bike- mountain, hybrid, and racing; helmet;

Running: trainers;

Alternate: Trisuit- special costume comfortable for all three stages.

I cannot swim, what should I do?

-Try teamwork;

-Try competing in a duathlon;

-Start training in groups.


Whom will I be training with?

Join us! You will have an opportunity to train with professional athletes. Furthermore, you will meet experienced triathletes who will help you.

How can parents combine training with family?

- Train with other parents, and you will be able to look after each other’s kids;

-Kids fond of riding a bike, while parents are running nearby;

-Try jogging for joint running with kids;

- Engage your kids in triathlon through our training, events, and competitions for kids.


 What is the duathlon?

You have probably heard about a duathlon. It is similar to a triathlon; the one exception is the second running instead of swimming. Duathlon, as a triathlon, has own distances.

Common distances:

-3,5 km of running, 16 km of biking, 3,5 km of running (The non-standard distance).

-5 km of running, 20 km of biking, 2,5 km of running (International Triathlon Union sprint distance).

-10 km of running, 40 km of biking, 5 km of running (International Triathlon Union standard distance).


 What is the aquathlon?

Aquathlon is also similar to a triathlon but without biking. The combination is “swimming/running”.

The main distance is a sprint.


What is the transition?

Transition is an area of transition from one stage to another in triathlon, duathlon, and aquathlon.

Transition 1(T1) - is a transfer between:

-Swimming and biking in triathlon;

-First running and biking in duathlon;

-Swimming and running in aquathlon;

Transition 2 (T2) – is a transfer between:

-Biking and running in triathlon;

-Biking and the second running in a duathlon.

How much time should I train?

Time of training fully depends on you. The most important factors are your physical state, a distance you want to take part in, your commitment to win.


One of the important pieces of training and competitions is drinking water. Drink sufficient amount of water before and after training. In addition, reconsider your sports nutrition.

Should I join triathlon training?

You can join our triathlon training where you will gain an opportunity to train with professionals and enjoy their company.